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Yellow silk brocade. ca. 1886

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Walter D. Dwyer.jpg

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Green and white acrylic jersey wrap dress. ca. 1976

Pink color silk crepe and chiffon bias cut dress and slip; BODICE: silk crepe yarn/plain weave, bias cut, deep sleeveless armhole, V neck, waistline van-dycked, bodice fabric twisted over at shoulder to reverse at the back, seams at neck and armhole…

Pink tunic embroidered with silver flowers and white pants.

2010.2.1 F.jpg
Gianni Versace Black Bondage Top composed of 15-18 one-inch wide to two-inch wide strips of fabric, each of which is stitched at 1/8 intervals for body and design interest. Four separate strips are layered to cover the bust area. All strips that…

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Vance-Winas Co. Label.jpg
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