1920s Man's Blue/White Houndstooth Suit


1920's men's three piece wool tweed suit, small hounds tooth weave in blues, grays and whites. The jacket is cut very much like the sack jacket of the 1910's, straight and boxy, though the length of the 1920's jacket is shorter. The jacket closes at center front with three light brown buttons, probably Bakelite, and features a sunburst pattern etched in the surface. The buttons sit in keyhole button holes. The jacket closes high on the chest, at the sternum which was typical for the time, and has high notch lapels. Under collar is gray felt. There are four welt pockets; two double welt pockets with flaps on either side of the front at the hip, one single welt at left chest, and one single welt inner pocket at right breast. The jacket is lined in a brown silk/linen and the sleeves are lined in a yellow, white and blue stripe silk. The two piece sleeves are finished at the hem with faux plackets with three tan buttons. The vest is made in the same wool tweed as the jacket and trousers. The vest closes with five buttons made of the tan Bakelite with sunburst pattern as the jacket. It features a high notch collar which is tacked down at the points, and four single welt pockets (2 at chest and 2 at waist on either side of the center front). The back of the vest is made of the same brown silk/linen as the lining of the jacket. Vest front opening is self-faced and front and back of the vest is lined in a small black and white cotton gingham. There is a one inch vent at the hem on either side seam for ease and an inverted scallop at center back hem. The matching trousers are high-waisted and straight legged. The trousers close at center front with a four button fly. The top button sits at the seam between the waist band and the trousers and faces in, toward the wearer. The button has two stars and says Pride Akron." This button sits in a keyhole button hole faced with brown felt for strength. Waistband is faced in the same black and white cotton gingham as vest. At the center front closure, where the top button faces inward, on the outside of the fly there is a narrow belt loop. There are three more wider belt loops (1.5 inches) on the waistband, one on either side seam and one at center back. There are also six brace buttons (suspender buttons)a pair of buttons on either side of the front on the inside of the waistband and two buttons which sit on either side of center back belt loop on the outside of the waistband. There are two curved double welt back pockets (one on either side)a pair of buttons on either side of the front on the inside of the waistband and two buttons which sit on either side of center back belt loop on the outside of the waistband. a pocket at each side seam and a watch pocket on the right front. The pants are unlined and edges are overcast in a machine zig-zag. Inseams are plain, side seams are flat-felled. The hem is turned under 1.5 inches and hand stitched up, with the angle of the hem very deep from front to back so as to not have a break in the trouser leg.




This suit more than likely belonged to Clarence F. Hansen. Clarence was born 4/19/1905 in Akron, Ohio to H. Charles Hansen and Celia Johnson. Charles Hansen, his father, emigrated from Denmark and worked as a potter in Akron. Clarence married Helen Lillian Roethlig in 9/21/1927. Prior to his marriage, Clarence worked as a clerk at a Rubber Office. This suit would be appropriate work attire for his position. This suit was made by H.H. Pride Tailor in Akron, Ohio. H.H. Pride was Henry H. Pride, a merchant tailor. He was born in Canada in 1861 and immigrated to the US in 1871. He was a tailor in Portsmouth, Ohio before opening a business in Akron, Ohio some time before 1910. His business was located for many years at 645 N Howard, Cuyahoga Falls. His wife's name was Hattie W (1870-) and his daughter was Hattie B (1895-).

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