1990's Vivienne Westwood Plaid Dress


Vivienne Westwood cocktail dress in green, black and red plaid silk. Main strapless dress with separate long sleeves.
3a. Knee length strapless dress with fabric softly gathered at front top edge of strapless garment. Bias or diagonal design in fabric forming striped effect on diagonal. Garment front is one piece. A very stiff triangular boned unit on inside front bodice--similar to 18th century corset--and covered with self fashion fabric. Back of garment has seam at waistline attaching bodice and skirt with diagonal zipper closure. Under bodice made of heavy black spandex connecting front to back (also boned) to firmly fit figure and hold garment in place. Separate zipper used on bodice piece to which spandex is attached. Balloon hem formed by under rayon lining (in pale pinkish fabric with an orb and cross woven into it). Connected to fashion fabric at hem and pulling hem up forming balloon effect. Button and button loop at waist in back to hold garment in place. Right side of back features diagonal shirring and balloon effect.
3 bc. Separate sleeves in matching fabric. Leg-o-mutton sleeve with full gathered cap with 1" wide elastic at top edge and bias long sleeves. Balloon-type sleeve edge at wrist formed by fully lined sleeve (in pale pinkish rayon lining fabric with woven in swirling design) which pulls lower edge of sleeve up to form balloon effect at wrist.






Westwood, Vivienne


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