Halston, Roy; green silk chiffon layer dress


Mint green Halston floor length gown.
Asymmetrical neckline angling from right shoulder to left mid armhole with reverse configuration at back neckline, i.e. left shoulder angling to right mid armhole. Self-fabric bias finish at neckline. Garment consists of three layers of mint green georgette, full and flowing, loosely hanging from shoulder to hem, with handkerchief hem at lower edge of all three layers. Sleeves cut-on to top layer of georgette in body of gown. Sleeves, with upper section only - no lower armhole section, long, sheer and flowing, extend to hem of dress. Sleeve section rectangular in shape but drapes to form handkerchief or point at hem. Under sections of georgette form armhole opening with self-fabric bias finish at left back and right front. Machine rolled edge finish on layers of gown and sleeve.




Additional fiber images and information available at the CAMEO Materials Database at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.


This dress belonged to Mrs. (Harriet) Cyrus Fulton. Harriet was born 10/22/1911 in Columbus, Ohio. Her father, William Lanman, was Chairman of the Columbus Bolt Works Company. She attended the Columbus School for Girls. She later married Cyrus Lupher Fulton, who worked as an assistant treasurer of a local Columbus company.


Halston, Roy

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