1860s Girl's Red Cotton Dress


Red and white vertically striped printed cotton child's dress with pink ovals between each stripe; short puff sleeves with a gathered hem ruffle topped by a bias band; wide square neckline with bias band; bodice gathered to the neckband and tightly to waistband; waistband stripes run horizontally; skirt tightly gathered to waistband finished like sleeves with gathered ruffle topped by bias band; large opening in back with matching glass calico button at center (top) back as only closure; hand stitched, alterations at waist front.




This dress was more than likely worn by Laura Harnish Kauffman. She was born in Clark County, Ohio in 1862 to Levi and Anna Kauffman. Levi was one of thirteen children whose father moved from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Ohio in 1840. Levi Kauffman was a farmer and he and his wife were members of the Reformed Mennonite Church. Laura was the oldest of ten children of which only seven survived to adulthood. The dress may have been handed to down to her sister, Esther Hettie, who was born in 1867. Hettie had a twin sister, Hattie, who passed away a few days after birth.

Design Elements

Puff Sleeve

Fiber/Fabric Information

fiber content=Cotton




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