1970's Red Wool Pant Suit


Red double knit jacket with fur collar and matching skirt and trousers.
Jacket: red double knit jacket has fur collar and no front closures. Jacket ends right above the knee. Wrap coat comes with a wrap around and tie belt. Coat has red acetate lining. slash and set in seam pockets. One pocket on either side of garment located around the hip area in side seams of garment
Skirt: red double knit straight skirt hit a couple inches below the knee. skirt has hidden zipper that is 6" long located in center back. Skirt also has reinforced single button closure located on waist line of center back.
Pants: red double knit pants, full length slacks with boot cut leg. Side zipper, with hook closure. No pockets.
Belt: red double knit belt is approximately 48" long and 1.5" wide. Belt is a wrap around and tie belt. No buckles or means of closure. Same fabric and color as the rest of the garment.




This ensemble belonged Betty Knowles Spencer. Betty was born in Portsmouth, Ohio on May 8, 1929 to Ruth Patton and Corwin Knowles. Her father was a graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in agriculture, working for many years with the Food & Drug Administration. Betty was a graduate of Sophie Newcomb Junior College in New Orleans, and received her master's in business administration from Ohio State. Her husband, Dwight Spencer, was born in Philadelphia, PA on May 20, 1918 to Minnie Proctor and Dwight J. Spencer. His father worked in retail clothing in Kansas City, MO for the majority of his career. Dwight P. began the firm Dwight Spencer & Associates Inc., Market Research Consultants. Both Dwight and Betty worked in the company before and after they were married. Spencer Research is still in business and has their home offices on Grandview Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.




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