1900's Ivory Silk Chiffon Evening Gown


A two-piece ivory silk chiffon-satin evening gown with a subtle stripe. Twisted chenille yarns with gathered pieces of lace form tulip-like adornments that hang from bodice neckline, front and back, sleeve hem, and from sash at center back.






This dress were donated by Mrs. Bruce Harris, who is the granddaughter of Thomas Clarence (T.C.) Heisey, youngest son of the founder of the Heisey Glass Company in Newark, Ohio. The dress most likely belonged to members of the Heisey family. TC had two daughters, Emma and Alice who were in their early to mid twenties when this dress was made between 1903 and 1906. The dress was designed and sewn by Kate Hoffer, a local Columbus, Ohio dressmaker. Kate Hoffer opened her dressmaking business in 1899 at 1409 N. High St. Her husband Frank was then working as a barber. By 1901, the dressmaking business listing was under Frank's name. It must have been a more lucrative business than barbering, because by 1902 Frank was listed as a tailor. By 1910 the business was located at 256 Oak St., while the Hoffers resided on fashionable E. Broad St. at number 1039--with Frank listed as a dressmaker and Katie as a ladies tailor. Like, Daisy Schaefer, Kate was of German descent. Born in West Virginia in 1861, she was seven years older than Daisy. She married Frank in 1884 and had two daughters who were 16 and 13 when the dressmaking business opened. The Historic Costume & Textiles Collection owns three dresses with Kate and Frank Hoffer's label. Two of the dresses have the label printed on a binding that doubles as the skirt's waistband. The third has the name printed on the waist tape of the bodice.

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