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Off-white silk wedding dress; pattern motif - floral sprigs in damask style; bodice- high waist, wide neckline reinforced width with forlded drape from shoulder/sleeve to center front; 3 rows of satin cords emphasises the painted waist; lace trim;…

2001.12.14 F.jpg
Off-white cotton vest with brown abstract and floral pattern on fronts, 7 mother-of-pearl buttons with metal centers and shanks; shawl collar, front welt pockets, and two sets of ties in the back; hand stitched; center fronts of vest on bias…

1988.425.4 F.jpg
Natural-color cotton tail coat; double breasted with notched lapels. Garment is completely stitched by hand. Fall of collar is four inches wide. Hand stitches evident around back neck of collar at fall (or fold) line and approximately one inch below…
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