The Historic Costume & Textiles Collection is a scholarly and artistic resource of apparel and textile material culture. The 11,500+ holdings encompass a range of three dimensional objects such as textiles and articles of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, including national dress costume, from the mid-18th century to contemporary 21st century designers.

Recently Added Items

2014-2018 Ohio State Swimsuit


Red and black competition Arena brand Powerskin Carbon-Flex swim suit made of woven elastane and nylon with carbon fiber shell. Body of suit is red…

1905-06 Woman's Bathing Suit


Two piece bathing costume of black cotton with red and white collar, sleeve and pant cuffs, and skirt waistband. Red trim on skirt hem. Collar is…

Sports & Fashion Exhibit


“Sportswear” at the end of the nineteenth century was a term applied only to clothing designed for athletic purposes, the playing of sports popular at…