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Romper worn for physical education class
Sleeveless romper with square neckline. Buttons hidden in center front placket. Deep pleats begin at yoke in front and in back, split at crotch, and are gathered with an elastic casing below the knee.…

Three piece denim gym suit with brick red braid trim on jacket and skirt: Jacket/bodice, skirt, and bloomers.

a. Jacket/bodice.
Collar band (3/4" wide) in denim. Additional collar band (1.75" wide), with 3/4" brick braid sewn to top edge,…

Blue linen middy blouse with sailor collar

a. Collar embellished with 3 strips of 1/4" wide cotton tape and embroidered stars at corners. 2.5"x 1.5" patch with nautical knot motif at V of collar. Slit pocket with white embroidered reinforcements…
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