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Romper worn for physical education class
Sleeveless romper with square neckline. Buttons hidden in center front placket. Deep pleats begin at yoke in front and in back, split at crotch, and are gathered with an elastic casing below the knee.…

Brown knit one-piece woman's bathing suit with cream braid trim at neckline and skirt edge; square neckline, front and back. 1 1/2" wide cream cotton braid trims/borders front and back square neckline. Two button/buttonhole closure at each shoulder;…

Red and black competition Arena brand Powerskin Carbon-Flex swim suit made of woven elastane and nylon with carbon fiber shell. Body of suit is red tank style with narrow shoulder straps trimmed with black and low cut arm openings extending to 'X'…

Two piece bathing costume of black cotton with red and white collar, sleeve and pant cuffs, and skirt waistband. Red trim on skirt hem. Collar is modified sailor collar with flat pointed front and square back.

“Sportswear” at the end of the nineteenth century was a term applied only to clothing designed for athletic purposes, the playing of sports popular at the time including tennis, golf, bicycling, bathing (what we now call swimming), ice-skating,…
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