Cacique and Lane Bryant

Victoria's Secret has not been the only brand offering lingerie within the company. La Senza joined the Limited Brands family in 2007. It is a popular lingerie store in Canada, extending the comapany's presence internationally. Limited Brands also operated a French-inspired lingerie called Cacique, beginning in the late 1980's. It was meant to be a companion to the more English-feeling Victoria's Secret store. However, it wasn't nearly as successful and was closed a few years later. Since 2005, the Cacique name has been the lingerie brand carried by Lane Bryant, which also was once part of the Limited Brands family.

Lane Bryant, like Victoria's Secret, was a 1982 acquisition. Lane Bryant has been a leader in the plus-size and maternity fashion industry since its start in 1904. Moving forward, Lane Bryant had opened 100 stores by 1969, growing to its height in modern day at 700 stores nationwide. Lane Bryant set itself apart from other plus-size lines by focusing on style and fashion rather than size. Limited Brands sold Lane Bryant to Charming Shoppes in 2001, but still has its corporate offices in Columbus. In 2012, L Brands sold Lane Bryant to Ascena Retail Group. 

Lane Bryant offers an interesting contrast to Victoria's Secret with its Cacique line, marketing its lingerie brand as equally sexy as Victoria's Secret but for a body shape and size more typical of the average woman. This has not been without controversy. A 30-second ad produced in 2010 was banned from both Fox and ABC television. The model in the ad was deemed to have too much cleavage and was censored by the networks. This sparked outrage from Lane Bryant as it noted Victoria's Secret models were clad in exactly the same way. Not only this, but Victoria's Secret made a claim to fame with its saucy Valentine's Day television ad during the 2005 Super Bowl. This indignation only grew when a Victoria's Secret commercial ran during one of the Fox programs that had been the time slot for the Lane Bryant ad.

Lane Bryant currently operates 700 stores in 46 states that target plus-size women between the ages of 35 and 55. The store continues to focus on the fashion sense of its customer rather than her size: "The Lane Bryant look is fashionable, fresh, and sophisticated. From chic, comfortable casual wear to fashion-forward wear-to-work outfits, Lane Bryant is all about helping women with curves feel feminine, confident, and proud in every situation."

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Cacique and Lane Bryant