Red Accessories

Descriptions of accessories pictured above. Artifacts as shown from left to right. 

Red straw wide-brimmed hat, trimmed in satin ribbon c.1950-1959 Gift of Mrs. Pat Smith

Red wool felt wide-brimmed fedora c.1955-1969 Gift of Ms. Bette Kelly

Red, velvet, turban pillbox c.1950-1959 Gift of Ms. Jane W. Finneran

Red, plush, wide-brimmed hat trimmed in lace and rhinestonesc. 1950-55 Gift of Edith Mason

Red cloche covered entirely in deep red dyed feathers c.1940-1949 Gift ofEthel Traphagen Estate

Small, red, crochet drawstring handbagc.1825-1925 Gift of Johnnie Hoopes

Red velvet handbag with brass closure and velvet handle c.1910-1929 Gift of Ms. Mary Crowell

Red beaded reticule with beaded tassel c.1921-1922 Gift of Ms. Carole A. Rees

Red stiletto silk pumps with a bow and pearl on toe c.1960-1965 Gift of Mrs. Harry Babbert

Red leather flats with stacked heel c.1980-1989 Gift of Ms. Kathryn E. Lohr

Red snakeskin peep toe pumps c.1980-1989 Gift of Cordelia Robinson

Red velvet pumps with gold and silver leather detail c.1928-1933 Gift of Anonymous

Red leather single strap pumps with white trim c.1940-1945 Gift of Mrs. Lillian Schoephoerster

Ladies in Red
Red Accessories