Top Ten Songs of the 1920s

1. Al Jolson, “Swanee,” 1920*
2. George Gershwin, “Rhapsody in Blue,” 1924
3. Paul Whiteman, “Whispering,” 1924
4. Jimmie Rogers, “T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1),” 1928
5. Bessie Smith, “Down Hearted Blues,” 1923
6. Gene Austin, “Bye Bye Blackbird,” 1926
7. Ben Bernie, “Sweet Georgia Brown,” 1925
8. Vernon Dalhart, “The Prisoner’s Song,” 1925
9. Fanny Brice, “My Man,” 1922
10. Eddie Cantor, “Makin’ Whoopee,” 1929**

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*Please note Al Jolson is a blackface performer, best known for starring in the first full-length talking film, The Jazz Singer.

**Please note Eddie Cantor was a blackface performer with the Ziegfeld Follies before moving into television and film.

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Top Ten Songs of the 1920s